Our History

After realizing that traditional physical therapy was not as effective as desired for their daughter Victoria, Jacqueline and Larry Arlen decided to take her to the Project Walk Headquarters in San Diego. During their three-month stay, Victoria showed progress in her recovery, but they knew they couldn’t stay there permanently. Jacqueline understood that Victoria needed to continue this specialized training to recover and also recognized the potential benefits for others on the east coast.

Before opening their own facility, Jacqueline was responsible for hiring trainers who shared her vision of making a difference. Daniele and Stephanie were chosen for their passion and compassion. They underwent a month-long training in San Diego, including classroom education, online trainings, exams, and hands-on experience.

Upon returning home, the trainers worked together to prepare the new facility for its grand opening. They painted, removed debris, and built furniture, ensuring everything was ready. After a few weeks of hard work, the facility was almost ready to welcome clients. With some final touches, Project Walk Boston opened its doors in January 2015, offering training and support to clients.

Over a year later, the staff had doubled, and clients from all over the world, including India, Singapore, and Austria, sought their services. Project Walk Boston fostered strong relationships with local physical therapy facilities like Spaulding Hospital and Northeast Rehabilitation. Victoria herself continued her training at the facility, becoming an inspiration to others and gaining recognition on social media. Her perseverance paid off as she overcame obstacles, took unassisted steps, and even secured a job with ESPN. She later appeared on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, making it to the semi-finals.

Since its opening, Project Walk Boston has expanded its equipment, most notably acquiring the G-EO Revolution by REHA Technology. This advanced robotic gait training machine has revolutionized the way staff can train clients and has allowed them to establish a pediatric program, making the facility more child-friendly. The dedication of the staff has gained recognition worldwide through media coverage. They go above and beyond for their clients, fostering a sense of family that has been present since the facility first opened.

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