Pediatric Programs

Our Pediatric Program is more than just your traditional physical therapy. Our specialists take pride in creating programs that keep your child engaged in the exercises as well as having fun. Our pediatric program works with children from ages 2-12 years old and consists of functional strength training, balance and coordination, gait training, FES (functional electrical stimulation), and much more.
We work with a variety of conditions and ability levels. From cerebral palsy to genetic deficiencies, we have never turned anyone away. We take extra precautions when working with children that are still on ventilators, traches, or are fed through G-tubes, but none of these things are new to us. If you are unsure about your child’s condition/ assistive devices, or would like to speak with the parent of one of our pediatric clients, please contact us and we will try to connect you with one of our parents.
Since children are still at the age where their nervous systems are constantly in process of generating and organizing, it is important to challenge their central nervous system and emphasize all of the developmental movement patterns. Children who spend a majority of their time in a wheelchair will most likely develop poor posture, tight muscles, digestive issues, muscle atrophy, and poor motor function.  Our goal is to stimulate the nervous system in a multitude of different ways to help them find life outside of the wheelchair.
If you have any questions regarding our program or if this is the right fit for your child, please email us at

Project Walk offers intensive programs which come in packages. Please contact us for our current rates and promotions!

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